Managing An Online Publication Is Easier Than Ever

The designer’s job is perhaps the most misunderstood on the Web. In some professional circles, the term may broadly define the job of fitting form to function, whatever that entails; on the Web, “designer” usually refers to someone in charge of coming up with a good looking layout for a page. More specifically, titles like information architect and interaction designer define design roles that involve more than just esthetic decisions. If these roles are not understood by all concerned, then difficulties in communication are bound to result. It’s hard to communicate if the people you’re talking to have a completely different concept of their job requirements than you do.

Print mags like these can make it a lot easier.

Print mags like these can make it a lot easier.

The vocabulary problem extends beyond job titles into the fabric of the Web site development process. Web design uses a combination of terms drawn from older disciplines and terms invented specifically for the medium. It’s unusual to find someone who comes

Reviewing A Life Of Design

As assistant for six years to Dr. M. F. Agha, the legendary art director of Vogue and Vanity Fair, Cipe Pineles learned the techniques of magazine design just as the field was reinventing itself. Deploying ideas from European design within the capricious world of New York publishing, Agha was forging new attitudes toward photography, typography, and layout, and Pineles was at his side throughout his experimentation. Acting as mentor and collaborator, Agha often shared credit with Pineles for his professional awards, and he gave her considerable autonomy, assigning her to design two covers for Vogue and one for Vanity Fair, among other significant projects.

oldvanityIn 1942 Pineles became art director of Glamour, a Conde Nast publication aimed at younger women, and the loose, popular style she crafted for it kept links to modernist principles of structure and abstraction while using images and type playfully. Her openhearted brand of modernism continued to evolve in her work as art director of Seventeen