How I Discovered The Snoreless Pillow

Snoring is an embarrassing state for anyone to find themselves in. There are those moments when you would dread sleeping during the day or even close to other people. There are times when I was woken up by people only for them to tell me that I was making a lot of noise for them. I therefore decided to find permanent cure for my condition. At first, I did not know that a person could actually go through the process of stopping their snoring by practicing simple habits such as sleeping in a position that would allow for free air circulation. However, I tried it, and I at least had some hope for the future.

I later decided to go to the Internet to find a permanent solution to my problem. One solution that stood out for me was the use of a snoreless pillow. I took time to read through the snoring pillow review forums. In the process of my search, I landed on a latex pillow which had won the votes of many people. This material was good since I have been allergic to other kinds of materials. I placed my order and after using it for some time, I realized some considerable changes to my condition.

Just an example of a snoring mouthpiece.

Just an example of a snoring mouthpiece.

Will Be Trying Out a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

I know that I snore a lot and that it keeps up my roommate. One thing that I’m going to try to do is look for a stop snoring product. I want to do this so my roommate can get some sleep at night. We have finals coming up and I want to make sure that he is well rested for them. The reason I know that I keep him up is because he told me last night. I have found a product that I didn’t want to try out. I found it as I was looking on Google for stop snoring devices. The device I want to try out is a stop snoring mouthpiece. The device doesn’t cost much money and that is helpful because I don’t have a lot.

The device is supposed to stop the snoring instantly and is not supposed to have any side effects. The only side effect they said it has is jaw pain. They said this pain is supposed to go away in a couple of days though. I will be able to handle the pain for a couple of days to end my snoring. I just want to be able to allow my roommate to have a good night of sleep. I found a lot of devices and mouthpieces, including the Good Morning Snore Solution at this site. My roommate is a good friend and I am willing to try out this mouthpiece for him. Read more »

Make That Money Smartly

Maybe it’s the Think and Grow Rich calendar I have on my desk. Maybe it’s the focus of my just-published book. But money seems to motivate me. Economic considerations aren’t the only reason I write — I like to think my work makes some contribution to my readers’ lives — but monetary compensation validates me, and I think I’m not alone.

What about you? Would you like to earn more money from your writing this year? (Or, perhaps, earn some money from your writing!) It doesn’t matter whether you’re a full-time, part-time, or whenever-you-can-grab-a-minute-time writer, you can apply these strategies to make more money from your writing–even double what you earned last year. Heck, would you like to start a business? This site has a regional breakdown of the best small business opportunities in the Bay area.

But first, you must have a goal.

Even one as simple as “I want to double my writing income. ” Or, “I want …

Unauthorized Biographies: Could YOU Write One?

If everyone told the truth and nothing but the truth, writing biographies would be easy. Just talk to the right people, write up what they say and — voila! — you’d have the story of a life. But human nature being what it is, people would rather present themselves and their loved ones in the best possible light than share embarrassing or painful incidents from the past.

That’s why biographer Carol Felsenthal doesn’t mind when subjects like Katharine Graham, the legendary publisher of The Washington Post, flatly refuse to cooperate with her. “I have no desire to write an authorized biography,” she declares.

Felsenthal prefers telling the whole story — warts and all. Her research into the life of Katharine Graham, for example, unearthed a great deal of information that Graham and her family were apparently quite upset to see in print.

Much of Felsenthal’s bestselling biography, Power, Privilege and the Post: The Katharine Graham Story (Putnam), focuses on …

Mixed Families Make Holidays Better!

The first time I met my future in-laws was Christmas Eve, 13 years ago. They were coming to the house their son Bill and I shared, and I was making dinner. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t have been a problem, but these were not normal circumstances. I am Jewish. I had never hung stockings, attended midnight Mass, tasted mincemeat, waited for Santa Claus, or in any way celebrated Christmas. My future in-laws, pillars of their church, are devout Christians. Bill, my husband who also makes a living removing trees,  trying to reassure me, pointed out that because his parents were true Christians, they would be especially forgiving of anything I did.

They were, of course, but that’s not what I remember best from that night. After dinner, Bill’s mother asked me when we were going to light the Hanukkah candles. It was the first night of the Jewish Festival of Lights, when Jews light candles to commemorate the …

Living Without TV? Let’s Consider It Doable

SO, how are we doing without a telly, then? Well, not too bad, actually. I’ve even taken up crochet! So far, I haven’t progressed much beyond the odd, irregular-shaped doily, but I’m hoping to work my way up to a nice vest dress with matching hat, handbag, shoes, conservatory, DVD player, power shower and Fiat Punto. Ha! Only teasing. Crochet? I could no more crochet than Boris could, say, stop his hair from flopping all over the shop. (Boris: I recommend Aveda Hair-Smoothing Serum. It’s pricey, but does the job while simultaneously conditioning. I say this for your own good, and because last time you appeared on Question Time you nearly knocked out Ken Loach with each swing of your head. Poor Ken. Didn’t know what was hitting him. Apart from your hair, that is.) We did try to do without telly for an evening but, believe me, it was ugly. We tried `Having a Conversation’ but that was

The Myths About Data Recovery

adrMost people do not care very much about their computer data until they lose it forever. Recovery is sometimes a necessity, and it does not matter if you are talking about individual disk recovery or RAID 10 recovery, this is a scenario you definitely do not want to be in. But it is very possible to avoid this situation by protecting the files on time.

The first thing people usually believe is that their data is perfectly safe because their hard drive is new. This is often far from truth, but the good thing is that every product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, so one should use it if it’s still available. Moreover, it is good to back up your files constantly in case something happens, but many people neglect the fact that they should check their backup file, as well.

Another myth comes when people assume that if they do not visit suspicious websites, there is no way …

Pros Of Having A Help Desk Application

phdsTechnology has led the existence of help desk software. There is a tight competition in the online market and if your business does not have an edge over the others, it might not create sales. The very reason why help desk exist is because it values the customers who purchases the product or services that the company sells. It allows them to have a way of raising their concern whenever they find something undesirable on what they avail. On the part of the business owner, the help desk software allows them to monitor their customers.

It gives them an overview on what they need to improve and how they can provide the best services for their potential customers. They will not have a hard time as well in managing the business because the software collects all the feedback from the customers. They can identify the need of the customers and their loyalty and trust is maintained. Whether offline or online, …

Managing An Online Publication Is Easier Than Ever

The designer’s job is perhaps the most misunderstood on the Web. In some professional circles, the term may broadly define the job of fitting form to function, whatever that entails; on the Web, “designer” usually refers to someone in charge of coming up with a good looking layout for a page. More specifically, titles like information architect and interaction designer define design roles that involve more than just esthetic decisions. If these roles are not understood by all concerned, then difficulties in communication are bound to result. It’s hard to communicate if the people you’re talking to have a completely different concept of their job requirements than you do.

Print mags like these can make it a lot easier.

Print mags like these can make it a lot easier.

The vocabulary problem extends beyond job titles into the fabric of the Web site development process. Web design uses a combination of terms drawn from older disciplines and terms invented specifically for the medium. It’s unusual to find someone who comes

Reviewing A Life Of Design

As assistant for six years to Dr. M. F. Agha, the legendary art director of Vogue and Vanity Fair, Cipe Pineles learned the techniques of magazine design just as the field was reinventing itself. Deploying ideas from European design within the capricious world of New York publishing, Agha was forging new attitudes toward photography, typography, and layout, and Pineles was at his side throughout his experimentation. Acting as mentor and collaborator, Agha often shared credit with Pineles for his professional awards, and he gave her considerable autonomy, assigning her to design two covers for Vogue and one for Vanity Fair, among other significant projects.

oldvanityIn 1942 Pineles became art director of Glamour, a Conde Nast publication aimed at younger women, and the loose, popular style she crafted for it kept links to modernist principles of structure and abstraction while using images and type playfully. Her openhearted brand of modernism continued to evolve in her work as art director of Seventeen

Mother Jones’ Redesign Spoke To The Times

“The Left is so screwed up now. It doesn’t know what it’s for; it knows what it’s against. It doesn’t have a coherent set of goals,” Klein said in his living room in the Berkeley hills late last year, shortly after his departure from the helm of Mother Jones. (He remains on the masthead as consulting editor and teaches journalism at Stanford University.) The magazine, named for the turn-of-the-century labor activist Mary Harris Jones, “was founded at a time when there was some optimism that the Left was coming to a mass movement,” Klein says. “Which it hasn’t done.”

climateAnd while its circulation of 130,000 isn’t cause for alarm, publisher Jay Harris hopes to revive the numbers within three years to its early-’80s peak of 200,000. But he also wants more independence from the Foundation for National Progress, the 501(c)(3) that funds the magazine substantially. “We get 60 percent of our revenue from traditional commercial sources–ads and circulation–and the balance …