Tobacco Ads Continue Their Descent Into Nothingness

Not to be outdone, Brown & Williamson weighs in with its Lucky Strike “American Original” campaign from Bates, peppered with pouty hipsters in standard-issue greasy hair, leather jackets, and Skechers, looking about as friendly as Osama bin Laden’s bodyguards.

But the focal point for this work is in Philly, where those rogues at Gyro Worldwide’s oeuvre for Red Kamel and Kamel Menthe has proved the most outrageous cigarette advertising in years. Everything from classic ’40s pinups to staged movie tableaux to ’70s cop shows have helped create a brand image that’s sophisticated, media-hip, and damned appealing. Even might make you want to, well, hell – just go grab a pack and light up!

camelsexThe irony, of course, is that this work has begun to get interesting just when its future is in jeopardy. While the industry dodged Draconian restrictions on ad content when last year’s big tobacco settlement fell apart, some observers feel it’s only a matter of time before

Is Your HDD Really Broken?

hdrbYou will need to determine first and foremost that indeed the disk is broken. This is because there are a number of factors that may actually be to blame for its unresponsiveness. You will need to look at the physical aspects of the computer’s connection to determine whether or not there could be a mistake here. Usually, such simple things as problems in the cable connection can be blamed for the unresponsiveness. You need to be sure that he computer is indeed getting the right power supply before you conclude that HDD recovery is necessary. You may even need to test with different cables to be sure that this is not the problem.

Sometimes internally, there may be a reason why the disk is not functioning which is not related to its damage. For example, many people have found that the problem lay with the PC board. This is a component of the computer that plays a big role …