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Living Without TV? Let’s Consider It Doable

SO, how are we doing without a telly, then? Well, not too bad, actually. I’ve even taken up crochet! So far, I haven’t progressed much beyond the odd, irregular-shaped doily, but I’m hoping to work my way up to a nice vest dress with matching hat, handbag, shoes, conservatory, DVD player, power shower and Fiat Punto. Ha! Only teasing. Crochet? I could no more crochet than Boris could, say, stop his hair from flopping all over the shop. (Boris: I recommend Aveda Hair-Smoothing Serum. It’s pricey, but does the job while simultaneously conditioning. I say this for your own good, and because last time you appeared on Question Time you nearly knocked out Ken Loach with each swing of your head. Poor Ken. Didn’t know what was hitting him. Apart from your hair, that is.) We did try to do without telly for an evening but, believe me, it was ugly. We tried `Having a Conversation’ but that was