Fallout New Vegas Best Traits: Get the Most Out of Your Character Build

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Fallout: New Vegas players looking to optimize their character build! In this blog post, we will explore the best traits to start with in the game, as well as the highly sought-after “Skilled” exploit. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the Wasteland, this guide will provide you with valuable insights to create a powerful character right from the start. So grab your Pip-Boy and let’s dive into the wasteland to uncover the secrets of the best traits in Fallout: New Vegas!

Fallout New Vegas Best Traits

If you’re venturing into the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout New Vegas, then you better be prepared to make some tough decisions. One of the first choices you’ll encounter is selecting your character’s traits. These traits can make or break your wasteland experience, so choosing wisely is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the best traits in Fallout New Vegas and why they’re worth considering.

Wild Wasteland: Embrace the Weirdness

Let’s start our trait journey with a burst of fun. Wild Wasteland is undoubtedly the quirkiest trait you can choose in Fallout New Vegas. This trait adds a touch of the absurd to your adventures, unlocking new encounters and Easter eggs that are sure to leave you chuckling. From unique dialogue to bizarre encounters with talking animals, Wild Wasteland injects a healthy dose of weirdness into the wasteland. So if you’re up for some unexpected laughs and hidden surprises, this trait is a must-have.

Skilled: A Jack-of-All-Trades

fallout new vegas best traits

If you’re the type of player who wants to excel in multiple disciplines, then the Skilled trait should be on your radar. With Skilled, you’ll gain an immediate boost to all your skills – perfect for those who like versatility. Whether you’re a smooth talker, a crack shot, or a master of hacking, Skilled grants you a competitive edge in every endeavor. So if you can’t decide on a single path and want to be a well-rounded wasteland wanderer, don’t overlook the power of Skilled.

Good Natured: The Diplomat’s Delight

Are you tired of solving your problems with a bullet? If you prefer a more diplomatic approach to conflict resolution, then the Good Natured trait might be right up your alley. This trait boosts your non-combat skills by an impressive 5 points but decreases your combat skills by the same amount. With Good Natured, you’ll become a smooth talker, a master of persuasion, and a diplomat extraordinaire. So put on your charisma hat, sharpen your negotiation skills, and get ready to sweet-talk your way through the wasteland.

Four Eyes: Nerdy and Proud

If you’ve been wearing glasses your whole life, why stop now? The Four Eyes trait caters to the nerds at heart, giving you a boost of +2 perception when wearing glasses but a penalty of -1 without them. This trait is perfect for those who want to spot enemies from miles away or have an eye for hidden treasures. Just make sure you have an extra pair of spectacles handy, or you might find yourself a bit short-sighted in the heat of battle. Geek-chic meets the apocalypse, and it’s a winning combination.

Choosing the right traits can significantly impact your Fallout New Vegas experience. Whether you’re seeking hilarity with Wild Wasteland, versatility with Skilled, diplomacy with Good Natured, or enhanced perception with Four Eyes, the decision is ultimately yours. Each trait adds its own flavor to your wasteland journey, so take some time to consider your playstyle and preferences. Remember, the wasteland can be a treacherous place, but with the best traits by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer whatever it throws at you. Happy trait choosing and may your wasteland adventures be legendary!

Fallout: New Vegas Skilled Exploit

In the vast wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas, where every decision can mean life or death, having the right traits can make all the difference. One trait that stands out from the rest is “Skilled.” This nifty little perk gives you an immediate boost to your skills, making you a skilled survivor in a world where skill is the ultimate currency. But what if I told you there’s an exploit that allows you to take the Skilled trait to a whole new level? Buckle up, wasteland wanderer, because we’re about to dive into the world of the Fallout: New Vegas Skilled exploit!

The Skilled Trait – A Quick Recap

Before we plunge into the depths of the exploit, let’s refresh our memories on what the Skilled trait brings to the table. Normally, when you take the Skilled trait, you get a 5-point boost to every one of your skills. Quite a handy bonus, if you ask me. But what if I told you there’s a way to supercharge this already amazing trait?

fallout new vegas best traits

The Magic of the Skilled Exploit

Here’s the scoop on the Skilled exploit: when you select the Skilled trait, it increases all your skills by 10 points instead of the usual 5. That’s right, double the boost! Now, you might be wondering how this is possible. Well, grab some Nuka-Cola and let me spill the beans.

The Books Are the Key

Remember those skill-boosting books scattered throughout the wasteland? You know, the ones you eagerly collect like a post-apocalyptic bookworm? Turns out, these books can help us exploit the Skilled trait to its fullest potential.

Step 1: Collect All Skill-Boosting Books

For this exploit to work its magic, you’ll need to scour the wasteland to collect every skill-boosting book you can find. Who ever said being a bookworm wouldn’t pay off in the wasteland, right?

Step 2: Timing Is Everything

Now comes the fun part. Timing is crucial for our Skilled exploit to work like a well-oiled Vault-Tec machine. Here’s what you need to do: before you select the Skilled trait during character creation, read every skill-boosting book you’ve collected. This temporary boost will push your skills over the edge and turn the Skilled trait into a true powerhouse.

Step 3: Enjoy the Fruits of Your Exploit

fallout new vegas best traits

Congratulations! You’ve successfully tricked the system and maxed out the benefits of the Skilled trait. Now, sit back and marvel at your character’s god-like skills. Who needs fancy weapons and power armor when you can outsmart the New Vegas wasteland with a clever exploit, right?

The Skilled exploit in Fallout: New Vegas is a game-changer for those looking to maximize their skill potential. By combining the Skilled trait with skill-boosting books, you can create a character that is virtually unmatched in the wasteland. So go forth, brave wanderer, and conquer the Mojave with your newfound skill prowess! But remember, exploits may come and go, so enjoy this one while it lasts. Happy gaming, wasteland warriors!

Fallout New Vegas: Best Traits

Traits are an essential aspect of character creation in Fallout New Vegas. Choosing the right traits can make a significant impact on your gameplay experience. In this subsection, we’ll explore some of the best traits available in Fallout New Vegas, each offering unique advantages and disadvantages that you’ll want to consider before embarking on your post-apocalyptic adventure.

fallout new vegas best traits


The Skilled trait is a game-changer for anyone looking to level up faster and become a well-rounded wasteland wanderer. With this trait, you gain an additional 5 points in all your skills. It’s like having a handyman, scientist, and sharpshooter rolled into one! However, this boost comes at a cost – you receive 10% fewer experience points. But hey, who needs experience when you can already do almost anything?

Good Natured

If you prefer talking your way out of tense situations rather than resorting to brute force, the Good Natured trait is your ticket to success. With this trait, your combat skills take a hit (-5 points), but your non-combat skills receive a healthy boost (+5 points). So, while others are busy reloading their weapons, you’ll be smoothly negotiating your way to victory with your silver tongue. Who needs strength when you can talk a Deathclaw into retirement?

Built to Destroy

For those with a pyromaniac streak or an intense love for blowing things up, the Built to Destroy trait is a match made in post-apocalyptic heaven. This trait increases your critical hit chance by 3%, but it also makes your weapons degrade faster by 15%. So, while you might need to repair your trusty plasma rifle more often, the sheer satisfaction of watching your enemies turn to ashes will undoubtedly outweigh the inconvenience. After all, nothing screams “I mean business” like a good explosion.

Four Eyes

Have you ever dreamed of being both nearsighted and farsighted at the same time? Well, the Four Eyes trait grants you that bizarre wish. With this trait, you receive a +1 bonus to your Perception attribute when wearing glasses, but your vision suffers without them (-1 Perception). So, be prepared to search every dusty drawer and ruin for those hipster spectacles if you want your aim to be true. Just make sure to avoid walking into any Deathclaws on your way!

Wild Wasteland

Now, if you’re the adventurous sort who loves a good laugh and unexpected surprises, the Wild Wasteland trait is your cup of radioactive tea. With this trait, you unlock bizarre, hilarious, and sometimes downright outrageous encounters and Easter eggs scattered throughout the Mojave Wasteland. From encountering alien abductions to stumbling upon Monty Python references, this trait adds an extra layer of absurd fun to your journey. So, go on, embrace the chaos, and remember that when in doubt, blame the radioactive squirrels!

In conclusion, choosing the best traits in Fallout New Vegas depends on your preferred playstyle and the kind of wasteland warrior you aspire to be. Whether you prioritize combat prowess, negotiation finesse, explosive escapades, enhanced perception, or simply want to revel in the absurdity of the post-apocalyptic world, there’s a trait that suits your needs. So, choose wisely, venture forth, and may Lady Luck bless your every step in the unforgiving Mojave wasteland.

What is the best trait to start with in Fallout New Vegas?

In Fallout New Vegas, choosing the best trait to start with is crucial. Traits can greatly impact your gameplay and give you an edge in the unforgiving wasteland of the Mojave. So, which trait should you pick? Let’s dive into the options and find out!

Smart and Skilled: The Mysterious Stranger

If you enjoy a touch of mystery and a dash of luck, then “The Mysterious Stranger” might just be the trait for you. This enigmatic figure has a knack for showing up in the heat of battle and turning the tide in your favor. With a slightly increased chance of scoring a critical hit when using VATS, you can rely on the Mysterious Stranger to lend a helping hand when things get tough.

Man’s Best Friend: Four-Legged Companion

Who needs human companionship when you can have a loyal, four-legged friend by your side? With the “Four-Legged Companion” trait, you’ll gain an animal companion that will accompany you on your journey through the Mojave. Whether it’s a trusty canine or a fierce mutant lizard, having a companion can provide both emotional support and an extra set of claws or teeth in battle. Just remember to bring extra doggy treats or lizard snacks!

Guns Blazing: Trigger Happy

If you’re the type of player who prefers a no-nonsense approach and a tendency to go guns blazing, then “Trigger Happy” is the trait that will suit you best. This trait increases your rate of fire, making your trigger finger itchier than ever. Unleash a hail of bullets upon your enemies and watch them scatter like tumbleweeds in the desert. Just be wary of your ammunition count because more bullets mean more frequent trips to the ammo box!

Wasteland Survival: Desert Wanderer

The Mojave is a harsh and unforgiving place, but with the “Desert Wanderer” trait, you’ll be able to withstand its challenges with ease. This trait increases your Survival skill, allowing you to scavenge for food, find shelter, and even craft your own weapons and armor. Embrace your inner Bear Grylls and become the ultimate survivor of the wasteland. Just don’t forget to pack your trusty canteen and a sturdy pair of boots!

Experiencing the World: Skilled Explorer

If you have an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, then the “Skilled Explorer” trait is the perfect fit for you. With this trait, you’ll gain a bonus to your Experience Points, allowing you to level up faster and unlock new perks and abilities. Expand your horizons, unravel the mysteries of the Mojave, and become the ultimate explorer of this post-apocalyptic world. Just remember to bring a journal to document your extraordinary adventures!


Choosing the best trait to start with in Fallout New Vegas is a personal decision that depends on your preferred playstyle and the experience you want to have in the wasteland. Whether you crave a mystery, desire a loyal companion, enjoy unleashing a hail of bullets, thrive in survival situations, or want to level up quickly, there’s a trait for every wasteland wanderer. So, choose wisely, embrace your newfound trait, and conquer the Mojave with style!